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Healthсare IT Projects

For many years healthcare has been our main focus. Medical equipment integration, EHR, Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS) as well as eHealth.

Experts in Medical IT Standards

Terra Systems has a wide understanding of medical standards as well as the needed experience: HL7v2, HL7v3, CDA, CCD, ASTM, DICOM, HIPAA, SNOMED, LOINC standards.

Laboratory Solutions

LIMS TerraLab is a TOP level laboratory information management system that allows flexibility in customization and maintenance of laboratory processes as well management functionalities. Integrate your analytical equipment to your LIS with Analyzer Manager.

Radiology Solutions

Providing professional off-the-shelf radiology solutions such as RIS, DICOM viewers and PACS since 2012. Integration of diagnostic equipment and standardization of document management.

Web & Mobile Development

Make sure that your project is in the hands of the most talented: rich experience in building, implementing and supporting cross-platform mobile applications as well as web services in many different fields.

Start Up Consulting

Terra Systems will help you concept and validate your idea the correct way, address strategic problems, launch crowdfunding campaigns and reach new heights. Our start-up consulters are ready to assist on your project at any stage of its development.

Business Analysis

We will help you reform the way you manage and scale your businesses, implement innovation and deliver new software products to the market. Terra Systems will assist you in defining a clear vision of your business and target the right customers.

Technical Documentation

We get to know your products, processes, and software, so we can achieve your needs as well as your goals, and you don’t have to worry about your technical content needs again.

Video Creation Services

Professional video production and editing. Documentary filmmaking, corporate videos and after movies, postproduction. Colour correction as well as sound design and improvement.


Conveying emotions to ideas and ideas to successful projects since 2009.

Desktop Software

LIMS TerraLab

Desktop Software

SaaS Project


SaaS Project

Mobile App


Mobile App

Mobile App

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Mobile App

Web and Mobile App

Sales Management Tool

Web and Mobile App

Big Data

Competitor Monitoring

Big Data

Online Store

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Online Store

Video Editing Department

Reval Film

Video Editing Department

Start-up Project


Start-up Project

About us

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."

  • The beginning of our story


    The beginning of our story

    Awesome entrepreneurs, smart IT engineers and medical experts decided to build a team and bring to life a product, which the market needed.

  • LIMS TerraLab


    LIMS TerraLab

    The launch of our first off-the-shelf software product, a full-enhanced laboratory information management systems - LIMS TerraLab.

  • New products & services


    New products & services

    In order to fulfil client's needs, we began to provide professional video editing services as well as off-the-shelf radiology solutions such as RIS, DICOM viewers and PACS.

  • 100+ Medical IT Projects


    100+ Medical IT Projects

    Terra Systems has become a successful partner for major laboratories around Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. More than 1000 installations using Analyzer Manager - System for integration and management of laboratory analytical equipment.

  • First Start-up project


    First Start-up project

    Watching non-efficient IT solutions and manual data management solutions in various laboratory environments, we have decided to build a cloud-based IT solution - miniLIS.

  • 80+ countries in 4 continents are using miniLIS


    80+ countries in 4 continents are using miniLIS

    miniLIS is not just a product, is the way people work day by day. Providing high-quality support, updating the systems and constantly adding new features, which users are requesting, has made this project our first success story!

  • Start-up consulting


    Start-up consulting

    Due to a high demand in start-up development and consulting, Terra Systems has begun its journey of helping people with ideas to make them into a reality, help them tackle business challenges, address strategic problems and reach new heights.

  • 10+ success stories


    10+ success stories

    Various crowdfunding campaigns and start-ups have been launched and today many of them are scaling. "The difference between "try" and "triumph" is just a little "umph.""

  • 2018

    Expansion & growth

    At Terra Systems, we provide not only high-quality coding in web development and mobile, expert project managers and software architects.

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The cluster is part of the European Connected Health Alliance and ScanBalt network.